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Tales of The Nether Regions

Apr 21, 2021

Annie and Jess kick off this week talking about making the first move, and Annie shares a sweet story on how she and her man met. Then, they dive into the main subject of the week — all things boobs. They share at what age they both got them, their journey of self-acceptance with their breasts even if society feels differently, and how augmentation is no one’s business but our own and who we choose to tell. Then, they surprise us with things they’ve found in their bras and take some listener questions on self-acceptance, nipple play, and how to be proud of your boobs, no matter what shape or size you’ve got.


In This Episode You’ll Hear About:


  • Why Jess is terrified to make the first move.
  • You can both be an empowered and strong woman and also appreciate being looked after.
  • A sweet story about how Annie and her man came to be.
  • We’re sorry, Ryan Gosling, but you and Annie just aren’t going to work out.
  • Boob News! These are just a few of the common things that no one talks about but should, including sagging, stretch marks, and large areolas.
  • It can be challenging to find clothes that fit properly and make you feel confident as a large-breasted woman.
  • We tend to want what we don’t have, so appreciate what you’ve got!
  • Some scientific boob facts about nipple direction, the four different nipple types and sizes, boob skin, and structure.
  • While constant self-love is great, it’s just not always possible. Strive more for self-acceptance.
  • If you want to do something because it makes you feel more confident, do it.
  • Don’t comment on the augmentation someone may do to their own boobs. You never know why they did it, and even more importantly, it’s none of your business.
  • Listener messages about your own boob situations including hormone replacements and inverted nipples.
  • Whether you become a gushing river of sensation or can barely feel your nipples being touched at all, it’s up to you and your partner(s) to figure it out together.



  • “You got tits at 10? Wow.”
  • “I used to call them the stones because they are really hard.”


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