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Tales of The Nether Regions

Apr 7, 2021

Annie and Jess kick off the show talking about their latest food obsessions, and then get down to business with the “mane” topic - and it’s a hairy one. This week, it’s all about body hair. Why society wants us to get rid of it, the history behind going bare down there, and our own experience and personal ideas on the topic. Annie and Jess stress that whatever you choose to do, it is your personal choice and they want you to rock it with confidence and ease. 


In This Episode You’ll Hear About:


  • Why Annie and Jess shave and remove (most of) our hair, but ultimately it’s YOUR choice to do whatever you want with any hair on your body. Don’t let society or others tell you otherwise. 
  • The results from Annie and Jess’s IG poll on our followers looking at armpit, leg, and bikini hair, and the results may be different than you think! 
  • The history behind why society started grooming and made it important for women, and what a goat and the Renaissance had to do with it. 
  • Scientific facts about how our hair protects us and how to keep skin healthy and protected if you do remove it. 
  • Annie and Jess’s own personal experiences in discovering hair in places they didn’t know we had! 
  • The different types of hair removal and what may be best for you. 
  • Why sometimes we need celebrities and influencers to make us feel better about what we decide to do with our body hair. 
  • It’s totally normal to have stray chin hairs or hair growing out of places that seem not normal. It’s more common than you think and women help other women when they speak up about it. 



  •  “These goats are sexually harassing us! Boycott the goats!” 
  • “Girls if you are listening, you probably have a hairy butthole.” 


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