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Tales of The Nether Regions

Apr 14, 2021

Annie and Jess start off the show talking about being pandemic rule followers, and if being a water snob is really all that it’s cut out to be. Then, they go deep into their DM’s to read some listener messages. There are ones that make them laugh, cry, and realize what strong and amazing friends this show has! You all have written to us about your deepest, darkest secrets, intimate questions, and just life thoughts, and Annie and Jess are here to listen (and respond)!


In This Episode You’ll Hear About:


  • The eureka moment in which Annie and Jess met, bonded over large areolas, and became forever friends.
  • When women become too confident, it’s deemed a problem for society. Not here. Annie and Jess welcome all humans that are strong, opinionated, and any type of sexuality, gender identification, etc!
  • We may talk more about the annoying men, but there are some great ones out there. Some even listen to the show and report learning more than they ever expected.
  • Annie and Jess share why it took them a year to launch the show, but it was worth the wait and now the timing is perfect.
  • Vaginas are strong! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.
  • DM’s from our lovely listeners about your first time, your sexual struggles, and some really both joyous and painful moments.
  • Some of your experiences with men approaching you in an unwanted way, and Annie and Jess share times it’s happened to them as well.
  • Creepy uncles! Yuck!
  • Stories about loved ones who don’t expect our boundaries, and how to be strong and confident while saying no.



  • “Once we start feeling in control and confident, then we can move forward with a lot of other things.”
  • “Every podcast has their niche, and ours is the female voice.”
  • “No means no.”


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Annie - @annienorrispole | Jessica - @jessicadeebank