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Tales of The Nether Regions

Jun 30, 2021

Annie and Jess kick off this week with a funny yet annoying whistling woman and then discuss how elders can be just as annoying as the youth. Then, they check their DM’s and hear from listeners on everything from the male perspective on an ex’s ability to expel body fluids, why guys ghost, accents, to addictions.


In This Episode You’ll Hear About:


  • The old people that whistle are the same youths that go around playing music. No one wants to hear it! Swimming should be a relaxing experience, whistle to yourself at home!
  • Annie and Jess answer the deep (but tasty?) question — what kind of cake would their vagina be?!
  • Annie and Jess share a listener DM about man’s surprise squirting ex and how he really felt about it.
  • What’s up with guys trying too hard to date you and then ghost you at the first sign of interest?
  • Modern-day technology can make dating so flippant, so have the balls to tell someone you aren't interested instead of ghosting.



  • “Who whistles while they are swimming?!” 
  • “I ruin the moment, and I start pissing myself.”


Slide Into Our DM’s:



Annie - @annienorrispole | Jessica - @jessicadeebank



American Pie

50 Shades of Gray