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Tales of The Nether Regions

Jun 23, 2021

This week Jess and Annie focus on the wonderful, wide world of fetishes. They talk about what makes up a fetish, some examples of ones they have encountered personally, and how to possibly tell when a fetish goes from something that brings joy and pleasure to a problem. They also chat about why you should always buy your partner food, why we should stop trying to cancel everyone, and why TV should make showing man parts more of a regular thing.


In This Episode You’ll Hear About:


  • Someone’s fetish may seem weird to you, but that doesn’t mean you should shame or bully the person!
  • You’ve heard of a foot fetish before, but what about a shoe fetish?
  • Some people’s types are tall, dark, and handsome, while other people might like the feeling of a roller coaster or cutlery drawer against their skin.
  • Buy your partner food — it’s a win-win! Either they will be happy, you will get to eat what they don’t want, or both!
  • As much as side boob is a beautiful thing, Annie and Jess want to see some balls and hairy man asses on the television! Equality!
  • A listener writes about her husband’s belly button fetish, and how his simple desire actually makes their love life easy.
  • When a fetish is just a fetish and when it is the only way to get pleasure?
  • We can’t please everyone, so please stop trying to cancel everyone!



  • “I’ve never looked at a shoe like that.”
  • “I love cancel culture, I think it’s hilarious.”


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